Sep 7, 2015. When you knit continental, it doesn't really matter if the stitches before and after the yarn over or knits and purls, because the scooping motion is.

Yarn Over (Continental) 20.07.2018  · If the previous stitch and the next stitch are both purls, wrap the yarn, over the needle from front to back. Drape the yarn over the top of the right needle, away from you. Next, wrap the yarn under the right needle, towards you. This is called a "yarn ’round need" or "yrn" in knitting patterns.

04.01.2012  · Yarn Over(YO) stitch demonstrated in the continental style of knitting before a knit and a purl stitch.

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May 21, 2015. Continental knitters (yarn held in the left hand) execute a yarn over stitch differently from the Western-style knitters who hold the working yarn in.

The essential increase to all lace patterns! This increase creates a nice big hole in the knitting. Yarn Over Continental Method.

16.08.2010  · How to YO (yarn over), shown in the continental style. Normally abbreviated: YO

Watch a knitting video tutorial of how to knit the yarn over yo stitch continental style.

In knitting, a yarn over is technique in which the yarn is passed over the right- hand knitting. Circular · Combined knitting · Continental knitting · English knitting · Flat · Warp knitting · Weft knitting. Stitches. Stockinette/Stocking stitch · Garter.