Single jersey front side under microscope. Jersey is a knit fabric used predominantly for clothing manufacture. It was originally made of. The following types of jersey can be distinguished: Single jersey—weight: 140 g/m²; Double jersey.

Knitted fabric is a textile that results from knitting. Its properties are distinct from woven fabric in. Raschel lace—the most common type of machine made lace— is a warp knit fabric but using many. Because there is no single straight line of yarn anywhere in the pattern, a knitted piece of fabric can stretch in all directions.

Learning About Fabrics 4: Knits BasicsDouble knit is a medium weight knit fabric which usually looks the same on both sides and has less stretch than a single knit fabric. It looks on first glance as if two knit fabric is kept together ( hence the name). Usually, it looks same on both sides ( this is not always true, but mostly it is the same).

These fabrics can stretch up to 35% of the entire fabric. Single Knit Stretch Fabrics. Single knit stretch fabrics are excellent materials for underwear, sleepwear and lingerie due to the fact that their stretching pattern is side to side compared to the under fabrics that stretches in a downward and an upright manner.

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To help ensure you get what you want when buying knit fabric, I'm going to explain the main types of knit and tell you what you can expect from each of them, as.

Types of fabric There are four types of fabric, 1. Knitted fabric. 2. Woven fabric. 3. Non-woven fabric. 4. Braid fabric. Knitted fabric When a fabric is made by interloping of one set of yarn is called knitted fabric. At list one or one set of yarn is needed to make a knit fabric.